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Voom Nutrition Review

I was kindly offered a sample of some Voom Nutrition products to try out while training for my recent 10k PB attempt, so here’s my honest review of what they sent me.

I tried the Pocket Rocket Electro Energy Bar as a pre run energy boost but it can also be eaten as mid run fuel. It is easily divided into 4 chunks to fuel you for up to an hour, although the chunks are pretty big, especially if you are eating it on the move. It had a fresh lemon and lime flavour and wasn’t as sickly as some of the gels I’ve used in the past. It actually had a similar flavour to a jelly baby, just with a harder texture, but don’t worry it definitely won’t break your teeth as it crumbled easily in the mouth.

I also tested the Pocket Rocket Beta Blast Energy Bar before an afternoon speed session, as it is designed for higher intensity workouts. It felt similar overall to the previous version (but this one was orange flavour) and it fuelled my intervals well without giving me a stitch or any stomach issues. I did find it to have a bit of a strong after taste, and orange probably also wouldn’t have been my first choice of flavour. But that’s just personal preference - I’m not really a huge fan of fruity flavoured sweets anyway.

The third bar I tested was the Pocket Rocket Caffeine Kick Energy Bar. Again, it was similar in texture to the others and can be broken into more manageable chunks. I took half of the bar at a time prior to two separate sessions, as I was nervous about the caffeine potentially causing stomach issues. I quite liked the berry flavour, but found it also had a bit of an after taste that I can’t quite describe. All of these bars cost £1.50 each.

The next product I tried was the Raspberry and Beetroot Endurance Energy Bar. I ate it pre run but think it would work as a post run snack too. Containing oats, honey and coconut oil, it was dense but not too dry, and I liked the extra coconut sprinkled over the top. Overall, it didn’t really have a very strong flavour but it was quite pleasant to eat. It did also feel more like ‘real’ food than the other energy bars which were more comparable to solid gels. I’m not sure if it made my run feel any easier but it felt good to go out the door knowing I was fuelled up without feeling too full or sluggish. This one costs £2.75 per bar.

The last couple of products I received were powders to mix with water to make into post run drinks. I really enjoyed the Rapid Recovery Protein Shake (Belgian Chocolate and Vanilla), in fact it was probably my favourite out of all the samples. It was sweet and full of flavour. I was extra impressed with the consistency as it was only mixed with water, but tasted more like chocolate milk, with the added benefits of a protein shake. The price comes in at £29.50 for 915g (approximately 15 servings).

Finally I tried the Hydrate Smart Electrolyte Drink. It would have been a good idea to mix it and pop it in the fridge before heading out for my run, as this would have given it a chance to dissolve properly, but it was still quick to make with a refreshing lemon and lime taste after a hot and sweaty session. This costs £23.50 for 500g (approximately 25 servings).

The only other product I really wished they’d sent me to try out was their Protein Recover Fudge Bar, as fudge is one type of sweet I really do like. Perhaps I’ll try it soon and let you know what I think!

Of course I am not a nutritionist or a fuelling expert, I’m just trying to figure out what works well for me and my training, so all of the opinions in this review are solely my own.

If you’d like to read more about how my recent 10k PB attempt went, click here. You can also read more about my running journey by clicking here.

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